Countdown: 93 days

Wah i tell you, time is moving damn fast now. Just what i needed. Im so stressed with work sometimes and the amount of workload is super crazy. I think people who works in a social service industry may very well relate to being super burn out. Sometimes i feel like dropping everything and think about all the good things that will happen after my wedding reception. And sometimes i also feel like quitting. I think most BTBs would come across that phase at least once when things at work gets out of hand and you’ll be like EH CEPAT LAH KAWIN. I think its the security i am looking forward to. Of cos, im not gonna be dependent. But at least, things are moving forward. Well i still need my paychecks for now. 3 more paychecks and im safe and DONE.

Most of wedding preps are pretty well managed and going smoothly. Nothing  much to worry about, just waiting patiently for the long national day weekend. Oh ive yet to go to ROMM for the interview, but i guess that will be super chop chop. No rush for that. What im psyched about is my honeymoon. But that one also pening kepala sikit, cos i will have too book the accomodation at one location. Gulps, tak nak kluar duit boleh tak? Hahahhaha ok lah i must stop my whiny and immature attitude.. Of cos that will be settled next month InshaAllah! And yeah lah all done lah…

Now im focused to get the ‘seri’ on my wedding day. To banyakkan wudhu and solat sunat. InshaAllah 



Finally. Some things can be crossed off from the list. I have settled 3 hantaran stuffs (phew), 1 more pricey one (cant wait to cross this off), 2 of which will be settled by my parents, 2 edible stuffs which can be done nearer to the date (i hope). So total 8 dulangs cos i have 8 dulang girls cum bridesmaid! 

Marriage course, settled and done. One word. Looongggggggggg. But its a must go lah. I feel its very important to pre-empt us early. So our love language are quality time and words of affirmation. Something we both have in common (yay!)

Money wise- Have already put aside another 1k for deco (gulps), another 1k for bridal soon, and another one 1k for deco + berkat by May. CAN I JUST GULPS LOUDLY PLEASE. 1k for miscellaneous stuffs. 1.5k for my honeymoon contribution. OH DID I TELL YOU MY FIANCE ALREADY BOOK ONE OF THE HOTELS FOR OUR HONEYMOON! Eh excited gila please. Most of the time now, our conversation revolves around our honeymoon and what we are going to do there. Anyways, thats already 4.5k. And another 5k for catering. Total 9.5k. InshaAllah my savings will be enough to cover. Amin! 4 more pay dates and thats its man…..

Cannot wait lah guys, seriously. Work sucks. 

Shit just got real.


I’ve never seen myself as an adult making adult decisions, thinking, planning, weighing consequences bla bla bla.. But yeah, i guess i need to step up. I cant still be having the mindset that im 18 and sneaking back home at the wee hours of the morning. Pftt

Anywhooooo… Got my BTO signed and sealed with a queue number of 35 (first time applicant) ALHAMDULILAH. So yeah lah… Must save money for future reno, must remain employed with consistent cpf contribution, must not have the mindset to be a tai tai (yet), must do this, must do that. The point is, money makes the world go round, no money no talk.

Kinda enjoyed the time M and I went for the flat selection. Thank God i didnt take time off from work. Managed to get a lot of things done after the house selection and im pretty blessed that im doing all this with M. Sometimes i think, how could he endure my nonsense and be willing to endure them for the rest of his life? I must be something aint i? Hahahahahaha

Oh my future BTO is at Tampines. So if anyone is getting the Greenridges town, hello future town neighbor! 😀

Things i get done today:
Ring selection. Platinum rings for men are not cheap (booooo). But you can go to Meyson Jewelry at Joo Chiat or Victoria St. Lots of attractive selections. So M and I settled that AT THE SPUR OF THE MOMENT. So impulsive of us. Tsk.

Bridesmaid dress.
Sent my bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding to the tailor at Little India. So that is done.

Didnt get to bring my Solemnization dress to the tailor. Apparently M forgot where it is located. Takde rezeki for that, but if you have any good bridal tailor (local preferably) that you would like to recommend, please let me know! Thanksssss

Okay update more soon.
Ps. 6 months and 6 days to the big day. TIME, YOU GOTTA TAKE A CHILL PILL MAN.

Hello 2015!

Oh boy, am i excited or just being a plain kanchong spider i usually am or whattttttt? Hahaha

Cleared some of my leaves from 27th Dec till new years. I needed some time to rest, clean my room, clear my thoughts and add in more thoughts about wedding planning and etc.

So i managed to finalize some miscellaneous things for my wedding. Actually so tak perlu, but im so gatal to spend some cash. And now i have some regrets. Hahahahah. Whatever lah, whats done cannot be undone.

So i booked Wishing Wand for my photobooth. Actually i fell in love with it as soon as i laid my eyes on the quality of prints early last year. And then thats it, i dont want to research for others anymore. Pemalas, i know. And sometimes being pemalas doesnt mean you are always rugi k. InshaAllah tak rugi. Doakan please. SO PHOTOBOOTH SETTLE THE KETTLE.

I thought i wanted a live band. But then engaging on one means that i am intentionally bursting my budget. Bursting my budget means i will go thru my own financial crisis. And that adds to constant headaches, migraine and regular complaints to M that im broke and my pay is peanuts. M would then nag at me for being very spur-of-the-moment without having careful thoughts before making a decision and he will end up carrying my recklessness-in-spending burden. TAK BAIK KAN? I love my fiance k. I WANT TO BE INDEPENDENT AND WISE WITH MONEY. Hahahahahahhaah

So okay, i booked a DJ and sound system, way more affordable (see i can make good decisions too) I really hope the DJ is not merepek or nak step kelakar. I will personally step out from my sanding seat and ask him to get a life if his jokes are “krik krik”. If it happen once, i can close one eye, if it happens the whole of my wedding duration, ahhh siappp ahhh. SO DJ DONE. InshaAllah semua ok

Oh HENNA also done. Got one as recommended by my colleague. To me, biasa ah kan inai je. Not bad ah actually. I also dont know how to judge if its nice or not. But i have one design in mind and have pinned it on pinterest. So okay ah. AH THEN TODAY I SAW SOMETHING. Okay actually i hate to liaised with unhappy people. She is clearly unhappy based on the post she shared on FB and the compliments she made to herself. She complained about customers all. SO TURNED OFF. But i already put in my deposit and received an invoice. HaizzzzzzzzzzzZz k pretend i dont see k. Henna, settled. Haizzzzz

Oh KAIN!! I love kain. Bought them for my bridesmaids, family members and i even bought kain for my solemnization dress!!!! SO EXCITED KAN. Got them for damn good price at Arab st. I know what you’ll be thinking. Asal tak gi msia, thailand and vietnam all to buy kain. Takde time babe. Serious. But i love it, no regrets for this one.

Dessert table. Enquired. Quotation received. Yet to put in deposit. Hmmmmmmm should i or shouldn’t i???


Marriage course- paid!

So i was actually quite panic with the fact that there is no progress with my wedding prep when i was typing the previous post.

Wedding countdown: 8 months 21 days. (Gulps)

I kinda had some faint idea on which marriage course i would like to undertake. Similar to the one my sister went previously, Suchi Success by Kasih Sejati. So without further ado, i send in the registration, the admin person emailed me back, i asked M to come down to Masjid Mydin to make payment (cos i want the receipt and confirmation without delay) and DONED.
So here’s the modules we are going to learn for 2 days! So excited, i love learning!!


I like number 4 especially! HAHAHA ok on a serious note, i really think we shouldnt take easy on these life long values. Values that could help encourage us become better people, better couple, better wife and better chance to enter Paradise, inshaAllah. Because i believe in the importance of learning and being exposed to such valuable teachings, i opt for a 2 days course. I hope they wont just skim through the modules, im looking for thorough and in depth content. & i also want it to be held in the mosque. It gives me the sense that im actually starting my marriage in a spiritual and blessed compound.

So the date has been set. 7 and 8th March 2015 @ Masjid Mydin. So if you guys are opting for the same date and time, YAY CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU! Im the friendly one and M is the quiet one, we are not so difficult to spot. 😀

9 more months! Say whaaaatttttt

Was amazed at how M’s friends were the one doing the countdown! hahaha “Eh korang lagi 9 months eh!” From double digit to single digit. i was still having the mentality that my wedding is gonna be soooo far away and now that i finally realised that time flies faster than rocket these days, i started to panic. So the nak kahwin cepat post doesn’t make sense now. hahaha, sorry i am actually quite fickle and full of crap. So the major stuffs like catering, decor, bridal and photography have been set and stoned. I’m down with tailoring my own nikah outfit (i think), finding kain for my bridesmaids, kompang, dj, candy corner, extra food live stations, Photo Booth. Im trying to avoid all this nonsense because that would mean i have to fork out more cash, even before i fork out more cash, i have to fork out the deposit. Senang cakap kalau tak nak bayar, diam-diam suaaaaa hahahaha. I WANT ALL THESE FOR FREE CANN!!!!!!!

K actually, i have nothing in mind for nikah outfit hahahah but i’ll find soon lah. some scattered ideas for bridesmaids outfit. OKAY THE THING IS MY MIND IS FILLED WITH SHIT AT WORK & IT MAKES IT SO HARD TO CONCENTRATE ON WEDDING STUFFS. Haizzzzzzzzz story of my life.

Eh shit Marriage course! tau nak kawin ajaa, course tak nak pergii! :p

Kompang and Dj i have made some enquires, only that i have to put in some deposit to confirm. Itu pon malas? okay will do that soon. Photo booth and candy corner – i have some in mind. only that it will burst my budget. so i tak nak fikir dulu. I’ve got 9 months, so chill yooooo. Extra food live stations – I’m waiting for sponsors. hahaha. Truth be told, I’m waiting for sponsors for all. if you all have contacts, leave me a message. hahahahahaha :p

Nak kawin cepat!!!

Work has been massively overloaded. I’m almost stretched……… But then, no job is easy peasy and that’s why you are paid for doing it right.

There are 2 things that i wish for right now. 1) Turn back time and be a student again. 2) Cepat2 kahwin so at least i can see my husband’s face every night before i sleep. Seeing M’s face makes me feel better lah guys. So option number 1 is unrealistic and stupid. And so im left with option 2 to fill the holes in my life right now. Hahaha exaggerating i know

So i told M that i wanted to bring forward our wedding to April 2015. April because i dont want to clash with my close friend’s wedding in May and June respectively. Hahahha, so with the thought of not dampening my mood, he said YES. Hahahahaha but i know realistically, im am quite tight. But its just money. Money can find. So what do you think? Should i bring forward my wedding? Hahahahaha